Blue Blog – Reforming the compensation culture

Oh dear, they’re at it again.

With all the problems this country has to face, Jonathan Djanogly feels that it’s wholly appropriate to waste his time on “no-win-no-fee” rules that he says are “fuelling the so called compensation culture”.  Read the entry here where he describes the cost to the NHS and blames how schools are scared to send children on field trips in case there is an accident and they may be sued.

Most people would suggest that the health and safety culture is responsible for the proliferation of unnecessary and vexatious claims for compensation as it is the rules and regulations of this executive agency of the government that has fuelled people to make such claims.

He’s right in some ways of course, a compensation culture has developed in recent years but he’s wrong to blame lawyers for the problem when the situation is no different to that enjoyed by MPs who suck money from the public purse just because they can.  Spurious claims for compensation are of course being made all the time but then so are spurious claims for expenses by the greedy bunch in Parliament.

We’ve posted a reply to the blog entry but typically it won’t see light of day, so for anyone who’s interested, here’s our rant 🙂  Don’t get us wrong, the compensation culture has gotten out of control but we firmly believe that people in glass houses should not throw stones or should that be “gated houses” as Mr Djanogly, a millionaire in his own right, claimed £5,000 from the tax payer for automatic gates to be installed and spent £13,962 on cleaning and £12,951 for gardening at his second home.

He repaid £25,000 though – good for him; bought the house for £440,000, spent £77,000 maintaining the house over four years and it is now apparently worth £750,000 – that’s a profit of £310,000 which isn’t a bad return on tax payers money.

We’re concerned therefore that Mr Djanogly feels it is now appropriate to waste his time on this minor issue when there are more pressing concerns troubling constituents although it is surprising that he finds any time away from his estimated £300million fortune, his £60,000 shareholdings in 18 other business interests, his wife’s mail order business and his legal interests to deal with matters arising from his Parliamentary £65,000 salaried role.

Since when are the government concerned about justice or the cost of delivering justice?  Having removed legal aid for disability issues; removed legal aid for just about everyone else with the income threshold being around £13,000 not even someone on state benefits can qualify for assistance then clearly justice is available only to those who can afford it.

Yet councils spending £427million on worthless training for worthless councillors and fraud running rampant in most government departments and MPs themselves riding a gravy train that drains public funds and Euro MPs using public funds for spa treatments, liposuction, fertility treatments and other health options all funded by the tax payer, why on earth would you choose to focus your attentiion on the “compensation” culture that has arisen as a direct result of the insane health and safety legislation.

Why not deal with bankers compensation culture which has brought this country to its knees and has cost the tax payer more than a trillion pounds. Any fees paid to lawyers as a result of injury compensations is a drop in the ocean compared to that lot.

Watch any commercial TV channel and you’ll be buried beneath an avalance of adverts, one for “buy-now-pay-later”, the next for “get-out-of-debt” and the next for “no-win-no-fee” compensation.

There is more to the culture that what you suggest, there is a fundamental problem with the whole ethos of spending – perhaps directly relating to the attitudes of MPs and the revelations around the John Lewis List – if MPs can have everything their little hearts desire, why then should the average Joe go without?


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