DWP Corruption – call for information

At a time when disabled people are being targeted by the state, it is important that the state be made accountable for itself and that those responsible for demonising not only the disabled but all those who are forced to depend on state benefits in order to live – not everyone is a criminal and no one should be automatically assumed to be one.

We’re gathering information on your experiences and examples of corruption within the DWP in order to redress the imbalance.  Information can be posted anonymously or you can opt for full disclosure, we’ll respect your right to privacy even if the government doesn’t.


3 thoughts on “DWP Corruption – call for information

  1. The DWP are a useless load of time wasting pratts! I’ve been trying to get into the system for 2 years now, and that Jobcentre plus (ie; stalag 14) has turned from a more human-friendly environment to a bouncer-at-the-door culture, trying to dissuade you from going up to speak to their staff in person! In 2005/06 they would let you use their phones, see advisors etc., use any job search facilities which were required at any time and generally make you feel at ease. Come 2009 until the
    present day it’s a flaming nightmare! It’s become like Colditz mark II. Upon receiving the joyous news that “I wouldn’t be entitled to JSA or ESA” because of my other half’s income : (not really enough to live on properly), I was horrified enough, but also to be judged unworthy because I hadn’t worked outside the home for yonks added further insult to injury! (The not enough NI contributions excuse). So in essence – all the years I’d been at home, being a mother, looking after the home and family matter counted for NOTHING in those arrogant bastards eyes then?? Disgraceful, I know a few non-working wives who have had to stay locked in unhappy marriages due to there being bugger-all help out there and not being acknowledged as a woman/mother, how charming this just sucks!! Yet fraudulent bankers continue to grow fat on champagne lunches for screwing our Country over!! What a load of tossers incorporated!! Those imbeciles at the JC even REFUSED to let me use their toilet! (A basic human right). I suppose they need more loos themselves to absorb all the crap that goes down ther (LOL)! Bring back the DSS, coz DWP is a big failure and an enemy of the people! BRING ‘EM DOWN!!!

    • Hi Denise – thanks for the heartfelt input. Sorry to hear that you’re being treated in this way.

      Have you been given the opportunity to top up your NI contributions yet? You should be given the option even if it’s too expensive an option, at least you’ll know where you stand and what it will cost.

      There are bouncers on the doors of JCP offices because they know how much people hate them – if it’s any consolation, there are loads of redundencies happening in and around the DWP so some of the facists will have the boot on the other foot soon and realise what a complete and utter waste of time they all are.

      • Yeh – good thankyou for letting me know that! Instant Karma hey? I must say what a great idea your site is and how wonderful it is to be able to let off steam! My NI contributions are still being met by DWP but I’m really confused with all of this! And some years back (in the early 00’s I reckon), the Tax office wrote and asked me for a large payment of some £1,800 to fill the gap in my contributions which needless to say I didn’t have. So I had to leave it. I had a small part-time job then but just scraping by really. But haven’t worked since about 03. I’m still under the doctor whose monitoring my blood pressure which was discovered before Christmas. But although I been told I won’t get anything I was given a 3-month Med 3 Cert to send off. I sent it off and AGAIN these daft gits have lost the certificate! – what are they on?

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