Inmates really are running the asylum

In the wake of the hugely embarrassing Parliamentary expenses scandal during which greedy MPs reduced their expenses for second homes by more than £3million and many MPs paid back more than was asked for – presumably to wash the blood stains from their hands – MPs are now harassing and threatening IPSA, the supposedly independent body set up after the scandal was exposed by the Telegraph newspaper.

Apparently tighter rules hamper MPs ability to get their job done.  According to Sir Christopher Kelly, the chairman of the Independent Committee on Standards in Public Life claims that IPSA risks overlooking the need to support MPs effectively in carrying out their important and difficult jobs – a biggest load of hogwash we’ve never heard.  He states that larger homes to accommodate families of MPs is equivalent to Armed Forces officers posted in London; he is obviously blissfully unaware that a British war veteran was reported to be living rough in a car just yards from a £1.2million home provided for a family of Afghans.

These stark contrasts are a feature of today’s Britain where MPs live in cloud cuckoo land, stamping their feet petulantly, demanding ever more from the public purse whether it be justifiable or not.  At a time of extreme austerity in this country we continue to pander to the whims of these greedy, selfish people who accomplish nothing for the electorate yet expect to be compensated over and above reason simply for being there – it simply has to stop.

The fiasco continues unabated with MPs drawing up their own rules with the complete support of David Cameron who has threatened to abolish the new regulator if they do not agree to ‘water down’ the rules around expenses.  Expenses are set to soar as the rules are indeed relaxed and MPs can now claim for having their children at their second home.  There’s nothing wrong with having your kids with you but parents feed and clothe their children regardless of where they may be staying at the time – there is no rationale for the tax-payer to suddenly fund these children because the parent happens to stay away from home – many people work away from home without this additional perk, there is simply no justification for it.

Despite the desperate conditions in which many constituents live, their greedy Westminster representatives continue to bury their noses deep in the trough that is the ‘public purse’.

They’re now writing their own ticket and changing the rules to prevent the public from knowing what is happening behind the scenes – it has to stop; our tax money has to go where it belongs, to those who need it and not to those who demand it.


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