The state of our nation

According to a report in the Guardian dated 24th March 2011, pensioners are to lose their winter fuel allowances.  Presumably it was announced in Osborne’s latest budget as a means of saving money – this is hot on the heels of reports of what can only be classed as excessive spending by councils, councillors and our Euro MPs.

While Andrea Hill enjoys her share of the £427million spent by Suffolk Council on training courses to ‘coach’ senior council workers through the BT Vital Vision programme while she has to scratch by on her meagre earnings of £218,000 a year (not to mention her £50,000 pension) while at the same time spending £1,400 on glossy photos to have her fizzog plastered all over council brochures.

She thinks she’s better than the rest of us; us poor lowly tax-payers should just keep quiet and enjoy her splendid ego but clearly only she has the measure of her self worth as she is rapidly becoming an “object of hate” on the streets of Suffolk as the council signs-off £520,000 in ‘gagging orders’ to keep those leaving the council from disclosing what is going on there – that’s the winter fuel allowance for 5,200 elderly and frail people who are at risk of dying when the cold weather returns.

Euro MPs are enjoying treatments at health spas and receiving anti-ageing therapies and various treatments for massage, breast reduction, facial hair removal, slimming and thermal cures; all from the public purse.

Low and behold, a report from the BBC dated 25 March 2011 tells us that more MPs will be able to claim extra expenses for children and accommodation under relaxed rules launched on Friday.  MPs complained that a change in the expenses scheme was too bureaucratic and “anti-family” so the rules are being changed to suit these moaning ninnies.

The likes of the lady shown in this picture are reduced to staying in one room of their home so that they can keep warm and keep their heating bills as low as possible contrasting sharply with the notion that Euro MPs are spending their time in hot-tubs, spas and thermal wraps which are being paid for from money that should go to the pensioners who are dying due to lack of care.

I would think she has an excellent suggestion for a diet for the fat cats who are receiving slimming treatments in Brussels – lack of money to buy food.  Starvation is a fool proof method of losing weight.

How many MPs are facing this sort of decision?  How many elderly and frail people will die due to lack of basic necessities such as food and heating?  How long will this inequity be allowed to continue?

Given a choice, who would you rather your tax money goes to and it’s not on the women in the sunglasses who feels that her ego is more important than the lives of the elderly and frail.

Sir Ian Kennedy, chairman of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority says changes are necessary to “better support MPs” in their jobs – this begs the questions “why” and “just how independent” is this IPSA and why do they think it’s justifiable to spend £300,000 of tax payers money on “luxury chairs“.  How viable is this ‘independent’ body when they have to bend to threats from the Prime Minister if they do not agree to water down the rules.

Everyone in the private sector has to do their job within the boundaries of the post they take on or face the sack; while men and women keep their heads down and cling to the hope they can avoid redundancy by working ever harder for an ever diminishing return; only in the public sector do they move the goalposts to accommodate the employee – well strictly speaking, their masters.  As MPs vote on the changes they themselves benefit from while voting away our liberties and increasing taxation in order to subdue us and divert the money from our pockets into theirs.

Sir Ian seems to think that the expenses scandal has gone away but he’s quite wrong.  These people think that the rest of us are stupid and gullible; that we can’t see what is under our noses, but they are quite wrong.  Despite the attempts to dumb down education and keep everyone in their homes by the elimination of social meeting places and through the mind-numbing ramblings on the goggle-box, most of us still retain our faculties and can see things for what they are.

MPs and Euro MPs are creaming the tax payer for all they are worth; debt and indenture is being hung around the neck of every man, woman and child in the country to ensure they keep producing £-notes that the public sector can channel back into it’s trough so that the snouts so firmly embedded can continue to suck the life from the rest of us.

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this any more” – Beale, from the movie Network.


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