What is the government worried about?

When protesters stormed the court in Wirrel and arrested the judge for failing to confirm his oath and so confirm his right to adjudicate, it was reported in the Wirrel Globe – many photographs were taken and video footage shot to capture the event; much of which has been shared across the internet.

A compilation video produced by Hats Off Productions has been made available via YouTube depicting events of the day.  In a bold move however the UK government have attempted to censor the news and had the video removed.  Anyone looking for the video will be presented with the following screen…

What is the government worried about?  Knowledge is power so perhaps this knowledge is particularly powerful in light of the governments bold move – perhaps they are guilty of showing their hands and perhaps the truth, as they say, really is out there!

With knowledge in the public domain, they cannot have it all their own way and the spin doctors will have a hard time convincing the public that everything is as it should be.

Freedom of speech is now well and truly under threat and you can expect to see more government censorship in the coming months – beware!


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