More inequity in pay

Date: 17 March 2011
Title: BBC
Title: Thousands of council staff ‘get £100k payouts’

Here we have another example of how pay in the public sector is spiralling out of control with £2.295million going to just 2,295 ‘top’ employees and with generous perks and other pay-outs for council staff around the country we have an enormous amount of money being spend in the provision of ‘services’.

John Ransford of the Local Government Association tells us that “many councils have large budgets and need to pay competitive wages if they are to attract and keep people capable of delivering the best services at the lowest cost”.  He also says that “Councils provide more than 700 services local people want and need, from collecting rubbish and maintaining roads to providing schools and caring for the elderly”.

What he neglects to say is that none of these services are being provided reliably and in a way that services the needs of local people.  Schools are poorly maintained, roads are a mess and elderly people are dying through lack of care and attention while rubbish collection has turned into a nightmare of tangled rules with money being saved on the actual collection of rubbish while “inspectors” are being paid for from our council tax to come and inspect our bins – this does not constitute a service that people want.

It is this very discrepancy that leads to objections being raised by rate payers – why are we funding teams of bureaucrats to inspect our non-smoking signs, inspect our rubbish and whole departments dedicated to sorting out errors and complaints, maintaining CCTV surveillance of our every move, poking and prying into our private lives while the core services are being neglected and people’s lives are being put at risk.

So Mr Ransford, the competitive salaries are being paid and while reductions in staff and cutbacks are being made, many councils leaders are simply funnelling those savings into their own pockets because of the additional work they supposedly have to do; there are no clear signs of an efficient and responsive delivery of services to the tax payer – council tax rebellion is directed at this inequity and not at the actual payment of tax as many would suggest!

This abuse of taxpayers money can no longer be tolerated and while Mr Ransford is quick to suggest that local government was being “transparent” on pay, such a statement does not justify the levels of pay enjoyed by senior civil servants at the expense of the tax paying public.

As if to emphasise the point, today’s (17 March 2011) Daily Mail reports on Families with five bins threatened with fines for putting rubbish and recycling out TOO EARLY – Stockport Council have spent £7.5million of taxpayers money and the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 has been put into place with Section 46 allowing the taxpayer funded Council to penalise the taxpayer with fines up to £1000 in courts that are already overburdened with frivolous legislation designed to take even more money from the taxpayer.

Where will this Council madness end?  They are using own money to put in place systems that penalise us for even more money while at the same time cutting back on the services they provide.  It’s the very same senior council workers who are making these rules and regulations that Mr Ransford tells us are so essential to the efficient running of our communities.

It’s about time councils are reminded that they work for US and not the other way around!


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