MEPs’ insult to taxpayers

While the NHS is refusing medication to those in need because of expense, there are a group of people who are able to have us all pay for anti-aging therapies and breaks at health spas as well as treatments such as Lymphatic drainage, massage, breast reductions, facial hair removal, slimming treatments, thermal cures for digestive problems and much more – all paid for by the taxpayer.

Yes, you guessed it – our European representatives led by the chinless wonder known as Baroness Cathy Ashton are able to claim for these treatments on their expenses.  Even male relatives of female MEPs can claim for private treatment for impotence with Viagra and five cycles of expensive IVF treatments all on a sickness and accident insurance budget that has increased from a 2009 figure of £2.2million by 36% to almost £3million.

So while you scour the countryside for an available A&E or are sitting in triage while your life blood ebbs away or you are denied essential treatment because of the expense; or perhaps you are one of the elderly who are left to their own devices for 24 hours to see “if you survive” at which point it may be worth wasting some medical resources on you – spare a thought for the poor MEP who is perhaps having facial hair plucked while they lounge in a health spa and who is anxiously waiting for the Viagra to kick in.

Link: MEPs medical expenses are an insult to taxpayers

When are we going to wake up to this inequity – while the people of this country are being denied treatments due to reduced budgets, can we really tell ourselves that everything is okay; that this sort of situation is acceptable and that there is nothing that can or should be done about it?


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