Better access to work for disabled people

Date: 9 December 2010
Author: DWP
Title: Better access to work for disabled people

The DWP are busy congratulating themselves on the improved level of support for disabled people who need help when getting back into work (or staying in a job they already have).

They claim to have a new on-line system where “disabled jobseekers will be able to find out immediately if they’re eligible for Access to Work support by completing a short on-line questionnaire at Directgov” – sounds like a wonderful innovation doesn’t it?  Surely it will remove the uncertainty that an employer might have in considering the cost implications of providing support for a potential disabled job applicant.

Apparently, if eligible, they [the disabled applicant] will be able to print off a new “Pre-Employment Eligibility Letter” which will help build their confidence when applying for jobs and can be shown to prospective employers, a sample of the letter is shown below:

So a potential employer can be told you may be eligible for help from Access to Work – you could have said that anyway.  However, that eligibility is conditional that you are either already working or that you have a confirmed start date – in other words, the disabled employee has already convinced an employer to take them on – so the hard part is out of the way.

Well, as an employer that has certainly put my mind at rest!


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