Census 2011 – Intrusion or altruism?

Regina -v- Dyment (1988) 45 CCC (3d) 244
La Forest J
Human Rights  
The court referred to “informational privacy” – “This notion of privacy derives from the assumption that all information about a person is in a fundamental way his own, for him to communicate or retain for himself as he sees fit.”

This citation seems to uphold what many believe to be true – that the Census is an intrusion and a violation of our right to privacy.  Is it right that force and coercion should be used to frighten people into compliance, of course not.

There is an alternative to not completing the census form and that is to ask some questions of your own.  The attached template file(s) derive from the efforts of Dave who is very active in providing advice and support to others so that they can better understand their rights.

The following constitutes a Notice of Conditional Acceptance and Request for Clarification from the Office for National Statistics.  In truth, the questions in this template are reasonable and are those posed to any business in the UK offering services or employing people in a “secure” role.

This is a work in progress so if anyone has suggestions for additions to this document post a reply here and I’ll incorporate them into updates.  Now wouldn’t it be fun if all those using this template were to send their letter by recorded delivery on the same day – say Wednesday 16th March 2011 so they all arrive together on the same day 🙂

It occured to us that since the census form is address to “The OCCUPIER” that the letter should come from “The OCCUPIER” – v5 is updated.

Microsoft Word Document: CENSUS2011 – Conditional Acceptance v5 
Adobe PDF Document: CENSUS2011 – Conditional Acceptance v5

Some interesting Freemen suggestions have been made by Steve Anderson – v6 is updated with these:

Microsoft Word Document: CENSUS2011 – Conditional Acceptance v6
Adobe PDF Document: CENSUS2011 – Conditional Acceptance v6


Conditional Letter of Acceptance Sent ….


9 thoughts on “Census 2011 – Intrusion or altruism?

  1. Thank you for posting this and quotation from Martin Niemoller.
    I hope somebody will prepare something like this letter for Irish citizens where similar company CACI UK will collect data. I wonder if it is possible to ask Census Officers to sign a statement that government will compensate me for disclosure or careless handling of my private data?
    In Ireland fine for lack of cooperation with Census Officers is €25,000.

  2. I think there might be something wrong with the link to V3. Is it much different to V4 & V5 ? Without seeing it, I think I’m going with The Occupier V5.

    Thanks very much for the template.

    • Each version is an improvement on the previous versions based on valuable input from many people – the older versions will be removed and you should use the latest. We only leave a couple of versions in place in case someone is currently working on those versions.


  3. This is a good way to voice concerns about the machine of progress we are implicitly involved in. Thank you and please keep me informed.

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