UK Human Rights – Henry VIII powers to be dropped

Date: March 1, 2011
Author: Adam Wagner

Another stealth Bill being discussed in Parliament.

Our comments:

We’d all love to see the back of unnecessary and costly guano’s that do nothing but suck money from the public purse and give jobs to the boys.

As they’ve done in the past, with the media spotlight fixed on an external crisis and our very own Prime Minister sticking his nose in when he can’t keep track of the domestic situation, we have our ministers creeping around the corridors of power trying to exert their influence and deal another blow to democracy.

We had Jo Moore suggesting that the death of hundreds of innocents would provide a good smoke screen to hide councillors’ expenses; we’ve had David Cameron getting the taxpayer to foot the bill for his “personal snapper” (as reported by the Mirror 17/11/2010); we’ve had Fox Hunting debates obscuring anti-terror legislation in the form of the Proceeds of Crime Act (which has in itself done more harm to the democratic process by removing presumption of innocence) and now this Public Bodies Bill.

We have to ask if this is the “transparency” we can expect from the government?  Ministers have proven themselves to be arrogant, dishonest, greedy and self-serving; legislation permitting them to exercise more powers without scrutiny must not be allowed.

 Sir Ivan Lawrence Q.C. in his condemnation of the Proceeds of Crime Act said, “a law more draconian and manifestly unjust than anything ever devised by a state in modern times”.  He continued that this, “legally complicated, draconian and unjust system” has come about “mainly because Parliament does not spend enough time, or use enough care, in vetting the laws put before it by civil servants and politicians – goaded as they are by the tabloid press with little understanding of the consequences of what they do”.

So we have clear evidence that Parliament does not spend enough time vetting new laws, do we really need to give them an excuse to be “out of the loop” further?


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