The Blue Blog – Putting policing at the heart of communities

We’re challenging entries in the Conservatives “Blue Blog”; a self-congratulatory arena where MPs get to tell us what they’re doing and how wonderfully they are doing it.

Title: Putting policing at the heart of communities
Link: (
Author: Teresa May
Date: Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Good Points: Elected Police Commissioners; Removing Centrally Imposed Red Tape; Police On The Beat; Remove Points Obsession & Target Chasing
Concerns: More Power to Councils

Our reply:

Good grief!

Please, please, please do NOT put more power into the hands of local councils. Their propensity to act in accordance with their own needs and not that of the communities they are supposed to serve is well documented.

There are far too many administrators, jobs-worth’s and petty dictators in control already and this in itself needs to be addressed.

Leave policing to the police who have, at least, trained and sworn an oath – do not give untrained and unknowing faceless civil servants any more cause to value themselves above the rest of society.


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