Welcome to the para…military games

Is it just us or has this country totally lost it?

Not content with a massive overspend on the games and not content with hiring a company that is obviously incompetent yet still demands payment for a service it has failed to deliver and not content with clogging the arteries of the nations capital for a few days of sports; the 2012 Olympics has turned more into a paramilitary exercise than an event of sporting cooperation.

We appreciate that ‘calling in the troops’ is a sensible way to provide the personnel that GS4 have failed to provide but in combination with the containment fences, CCTV surveillance systems and all the other ‘precautions’ the London Olympics is yet another failure that is costing the public some £24billion according to figures – this is ten times more than the original estimate but of course according to Tessa Jowell at the time, it’s government money isn’t it!

Rocket launchers on top of people’s homes?  Is this really necessary?  Do you feel safer?  Is this an exercise in policing the games or an exercise in exercising control over the people?  The lines are blurring and the concerns are rising.

When will the people of this country learn?

GS4 and the face of greed as tens of millions stolen from tax payer

While disabled and vulnerable people are standing trial for accessing grants that created worthwhile jobs for many people and showed up the DWP in the bargain, the bosses of GS4 insist that they should still be paid even though they have failed dismally to ‘deliver the goods’.

Apparently, Nick Buckles (seen here), chief executive of the world’s second largest private sector employer, said he was sorry and “deeply disappointed” after the firm failed to deliver on its £284million Olympics security contract. But he repeatedly insisted the firm still intended to claim its £57million management fee for work over the last two years, even though it cannot provide the guards needed for the Games.

And you know what, the government will pay the £57million from our pockets because they are incompetent bullies and they only pick fights they feel they can win – they won’t go head-to-head with the big boys but rather target disabled people and individuals who are trying to make a real difference.

Compare what’s happening in court 8 at Southwark with this fiasco and decide who is the biggest crook.

Mega mars bar misdirection

Being a simple soul, I’d expect a Mars bar to cost no more than 80p of anyone’s money.  If I’d been told a few years back that this simple confectionery would cost me or the tax payer say £112,800, I’d say “you’re barmy” but it seems that some wag with too much drink in his system stole one of these from a shop and has been sent to HMP Wandsworth for four months.

Now, we’re not saying that theft is right but we have to wonder if the £800 a day bill to the tax payer is proportionate to the actual crime itself?  The legal aid bill, the time of the court, the ushers, the police, the solicitors, the barristers and more will have hiked the overall costs to the public to around £100,000 and the four months will result in a further £12,800 bill making this perhaps the most expensive Mars Bar in history.

Is it proportionate when known terrorists are allowed to walk the street – you decide!

Oh my goodness, disabled bikers are everywhere .. whatever next!

We’ve just been told about a wonderful charity called The Bike Experience who have the audacity to allow and even encourage disabled people to ride motorcycles – whatever next.

Apparently there seems to be no real barrier to anyone with a disability who want’s to ride a motorcycle to do so so quite why the DWP think it impossible is unclear.  With proper planning and suitable adaptations a disabled motorcyclist can ride again.

Careful, there’s more of them – out of the wheelchair and onto the bike.

Apparently there are more disabled people daring to defy convention and are getting themselves out of their wheelchairs and onto motorcycles – how very dare they.

Surely, they should be at home in front of the TV, munching their way through packets of crisps and not daring to show their faces above the disability parapet?

This can’t be right … it’s not contagious is it, this defying of convention, this abject disregard for the order of the universe?

Bloody good job and more power to you all guys!  Maybe you should ride along to Southwark Crown Court and let the powers that be understand that being disabled doesn’t mean you should not have a life.